13 Strong Quotes About Women

I was looking for a quote to create a Social Media post for Women’s Day. So, like the majority of the cyber population, I turned to the Google Machine. I typed in “strong women quotes”. Slap me with a feminist brush or brand me a sap for “corny” women empowerment quotes but I was touched by the words on the screen (totally unrelated to my cycle if you know what I am saying).

So touched was my female-sparkle-heart that I pushed out the blog that I would’ve published instead of this one; and I climbed onto Canva (sorry neh designers), to bring the words to life.

It may be that these words particularly touched me because I have often felt misunderstood as a woman (especially by other women) and always felt the need to be strong yet gentle. Maybe it was because I felt I, and the women I am surrounded by, need to be reminded that we are strong, capable and enough. Whatever the reason, I wanted to share the experience with you.

Enjoy by yourself…














Please share this post with any woman that needs to be reminded of her strength and worth.

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